5 Ways to Save on Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a natural, realistic replacement that suits your teeth and your smile seamlessly. They’re so authentic that no one would ever guess your implant isn’t truly your tooth.

Unfortunately, dental implants are expensive. A single implant could cost anywhere between $2,000 and $5,000 according to the Dental Implant Cost Guide. That’s just too much to spend on a single tooth replacement. But anyone with a missing tooth (or more!) knows the struggle in trying to get a perfect smile.

Despite this common frustration, you CAN get the dental implants you want and need. And, you can pay way less than average. You simply need to do a bit of research and find ways to cut the costs.

Fortunately, we’ve started the search for you. Here are the 5 most successful ways to start saving on dental implants:

1. Choose Mini Dental Implants


Dental implants are entirely customizable, meaning you get to have a say in their appearance and their cost. You can also choose different styles of implants.

Opting for mini dental implants is a fantastic low-cost alternative. Half the size of regular dental implants, mini implants are both less expensive and more comfortable.

As Colgate Oral Care reports, mini dental implants require less hardware and less time in the dentist’s chair. Both of these qualities make them the cheapest option: mini implants cost only one-third of what a regular dental implant costs.

2. Get Your Implants From A Dental School

Another little-known way to make dental implants affordable is to get the implants done by a local dentistry school. Colleges, universities, and dental clinics dedicated to teaching hands-on experience offer the same services as a typical dentist at a hugely reduced price.

Opt to have your implants done by a recent graduate from dental school, and you’ll get the same expertise as you would from any other dentistry practice at a mere fraction of the cost. A student and an experienced dental surgeon will perform the work, analyze its success as a classroom lesson, and you’ll save thousands of dollars.

3. Ask A Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations are a secret way to save thousands on dental implants. In fact, if you turn to a nonprofit for this type of dental work, the cost could even total $0.

Dental societies like the ADA and other nonprofit charities offer discounted dental work to patients of certain income levels. These dentistry-driven organizations also perform procedures for free to different demographic groups. For example, the ADA will offer discounted work to victims of domestic violence, women and children, and even individuals with disabilities.

Check with a dental nonprofit organization in your local area, and see if they can provide you with dental implants. You’ll spend so much less, making dental implants an even more perfect option.

4. Use Your Dental Insurance

If you’re already paying for dental insurance, why pay for dental implants out of your own pocket?

Dental insurance is designed to cover a vast variety of dental work, including cosmetic procedures and things like dentures or dental implants. As DentalPlans.com reports, the average dental insurance plan covers anywhere between 40% to 60% of the cost of implants.

You could also try a dental savings plan, which allow card-carrying plan members to receive discounted dental work from any dentist. With a dental savings plan, you could save just as much as on insurance.

5. Try Getting Government-Sponsored Help

Another money-saving option for dental implants is to turn to the government. Both Medicare and Medicare, health insurance plans for the elderly and the low-income population, can cover dental procedures.

According to Authority Dental, Medicaid offers the biggest discount on dental implants. If your dentist determines that you need dental implants, they’ll be covered by your insurance to some extent. Medicare, however, differs from state to state. Some states include dental work, while others consider that to be “optional” coverage.

Already on Medicare or Medicaid? Check with your individual state to verify that dental implants are a covered procedure. If they are, you could pay just a few hundred dollars instead of thousands for implants.

Yes, You Can Afford Dental Implants

Dental implants are a fantastic option for those looking to restore their pearly-white smile. You don’t have to live with a hole-filled smile, gaps, or other issues as the result of missing teeth. Dental implants are a realistic replacement option–and they’ll have you looking perfect once again.

If you do your research, you’ll discover just how affordable dental implants can be. You don’t have to save up for years to fix that smile; with the right knowledge, you can make dental implants cheap. Just stay informed about the latest costs and the newest ways to save on dental implants in your area.

Here’s how many people are getting started:

1)    Run a search

2)    Select a related category

3)    Learn about the latest ad offers and info from multiple providers