99 Ford Explorer Subwoofer Installation

The Ford Explorer debuted in the 1991 model years, as a late competitor to the likes of the Blazer, Trooper and Cherokee. What it lacked in experience, it made up for in luxurious options, such as leather seating and premium audio. The 1999 Explorer also included a premium audio system as an available option on all of the Explorers trim levels, from the base level Sport to the decked-out Limited model. This five-speaker audio system included a rear cargo area-mounted subwoofer. Replacing this subwoofer on the two-door Sport trim level requires removing the rear quarter trim, which you need an assistant’s hand getting off.

Step 1

Open the passenger’s side door. Pry along the length of the front A-pillar trim, the trim panel that runs along the side of the windshield and around the top of the door, with a flat-head screwdriver to disengage its retaining clips. Remove the A-pillar trim.

Step 2

Pry upward on the door scuff panel, the panel on the bottom of the door opening, with a flat-head screwdriver to unfasten its retaining clips. Remove the door scuff panel.

Step 3

Trace the right front seatbelt upward until you find the upper seatbelt anchor. Pry the triangle-shaped cover upward with a flat-head screwdriver, exposing the anchor’s retaining bolt. Remove the bolt with a ratchet and Torx-bit socket.

Step 4

Follow the right front seat belt downward and find the lower seatbelt anchor. Remove its retaining bolt with the ratchet and Torx-bit socket.


Step 5

Open the rear access hatch and lift the cargo cover from its mounting valleys in the rear cargo area, if equipped.