Dealerships Are Slashing Prices on Trucks

You’ve decided you want a truck. But you don’t exactly have the $40,000 you think you’ll need for even a basic model of a top-rated truck. Don’t sweat. There are plenty of options for you.

Just because it’s 2017 doesn’t mean you need to pull six figures to be able to afford a quality truck. Due to increase in gas prices and a price war on pickup trucks, on-the-lot prices for trucks have hit a staggeringly low price across the US. And if you do your shopping right, you can score big on these trucks yourself.

An Era of Low Prices is Here

A price war on pickups has been simmering for a quite some time. In 2016, Ford Motor Co. cut prices by more than $10,000 on some models as it rolled out a new aluminum-bodied F-150.

And last summer, according to Automotive News, General Motors even offered 20 percent off on its trucks.


In 2017, Ram has offered a 20 percent discount on its oldest models, which was the most generous discount they had offered in over 3 years.

Why the discounts?

With high US gas prices and less desire to haul around in a hefty truck, trucks sales saw a detrimental decline over the past 10 years. Car lots were flooded with pickup trucks because dealerships simply could not sell them at the rate they were being manufactured.

While truck sales are seeing a second wind in the US in 2017, sales are still not where they need to be, pushing dealerships to continue the sales at many times throughout the years.

Many of the truck dealers are continuing to fight for customers with low costs on new and old models across the board.

Which Trucks Are Being Discounted?

Because this is ever-changing depending on time of year and your location, you must always do your homework. But some of the top deals of 2017 that have been found include the 2017 GMC Canyon SL 2WD. This truck is running at $20,940 for the basic model, and with their season 20% cuts, this truck can be claimed for even less.

Other dealer that is offering some of the highest price cuts is Chevy. Chevy has discounts sitting above $10,000 on a few cars including both lighter and heavier versions of the 2017 Silverado. The biggest deals are on 2016 models, which Chevy would like to push out as 2017 models hit showrooms. The Silverado 2500 HD LTZ with Duramax Plus Discount has a price shop of $10,820, which includes a holiday price below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) and a $5,000 total cash allowance. A version of the heavier 3500 carries a discount of $10,760.

Although the 2017 Ford F-150 XL 2WD costs $28,025 on the lot, Ford has been known to offer up to $10,000 discounts on this model (amongst others) as well. Although these cuts are seasonal, many buyers claim to see them for months at a time, making this a very affordable model in 2017.

How to Find These Deals

You need to do your research and walk onto a lot confident that these deals are available.

If you’re interested in current truck offers, start a search today.