Five Tips on Getting the Best Auto Insurance Deal

Auto insurance is a necessity. However, purchasing insurance for your vehicle can seem overwhelming. You need to make sure you have adequate coverage at the best possible price, which often seems impossible. There could be dozens of auto insurance companies competing for business in your local area, including both local companies and national insurers with agents in your town. With various policy options and details, which makes it even more challenging to determine the policy that is best for your particular needs, how do you know what insurance provides the most value for your dollar?

Luckily for you, we’ve made the process easier. Here are a few tips for securing the best auto insurance deals in your area:

  1. Don’t Assume Any Company is Automatically Cheaper. There are some well-known companies who spend a lot of money on commercials designed to convince you that they offer the absolute lowest car insurance rates available. Don’t fall for it. Prices can vary from person to person, even if we’re talking about the same coverage from the same company. That said, there is no single company that is the definitive low-price leader.
  2. Nationwide Insurance Companies Aren’t Always the Best. There are four companies that maintain control of more than half the nation’s auto insurance business; however, they are not your only coverage options. Smaller, regional auto insurance providers can have much higher customer satisfaction ratings as well as offer good coverage at a lower rate. Always compare rates and coverage.
  3. Look for Discounts! Sometimes you can save a lot of money through discounts. Insurance companies offer a variety of discounts, such as price breaks for bundling with homeowners coverage, discounts for those who insure multiple cars, reduced rates for people with good driving records, clients who agree to online documents and billing, and those who are willing to pay an entire six-month premium at once.
  4. Take Care of Your Credit. Your credit plays a major role in your insurance quotes and the price you will pay. Insurance companies say that credit ratings have been proven to correlate with the odds of an insurance policy claim being approved. Make sure to check your credit report at least once each year.
  5. When Buying a Car, Consider Insurance Costs. When you are in the market for a new car, remember that the cost of the vehicle involves more than just its price tag. Your insurance costs closely relate to the kind of vehicle that you are insuring. The prices can vary significantly among the most popular models, such as the Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, and Nissan Altima.

Just opting for the first, most popular option available is a surefire way to get ripped off on your auto insurance policy. Be sure to do your research and compare options before making your final decisions. Weigh the cost per month or per year, and read the fine print regarding exactly what types of protection come with your policy–if you don’t know what you’re paying for, you’re going to waste your hard-earned money.