Freezing & Thawing Instructions for Wedding Cakes

Newlyweds freeze the top of their wedding cake as a tradition. When their first anniversary arrives, the couple enjoys the cake. When you prepare the cake for the freezer, you need to ensure that it tastes as fresh as it did on the wedding day. Freezing the wedding cake improperly can make the sweet tradition turn sour. After you freeze the cake properly, you need to defrost it appropriately to ensure that it will be safe and pleasant to eat.

Remove the cake topper and inedible decorations from the wedding cake.

Place the wedding cake onto a cookie sheet. Place it directly into the freezer to freeze the frosting and any decorations. Leave it in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours.

Wrap the wedding cake with clear plastic wrap. Wrap the cake completely so that no areas are exposed.

Wrap the wedding cake with two layers of aluminum foil. Cover all the sides to protect the cake from freezer burn.


Place the wedding cake into a bakery box to prevent it from any damage. Wrap the bakery box with plastic wrap to seal it completely.