How to Remodel a Small Kitchen 12 Feet by 7 Feet

Redoing a small kitchen calls for using all the space effectively. You will also need to enlarge the space visually so it doesn’t seem cramped. Using lighter colors throughout can help, but placement of cabinets and appliances will make a difference, too. A 12-foot-by-7-foot kitchen will essentially function as a galley kitchen, because there isn't room for a large central floor area. Look at plenty of design examples to get ideas, so you will get the kitchen you truly desire. Use materials and appliances that you will find appealing for a long time.

Step 1

Take down a wall between the kitchen and another room, if possible. Do this to visually expand the kitchen and connect the kitchen to a den or family room. Choose a nonload-bearing wall to open for a bar counter with seating stools or to build a food pass-through in the wall.

Step 2

Install most cabinets under the counter space. Leave the upper walls free of cabinets to give the room an open look. Add countertops around four walls of the room, making the countertops the focal point area. Use a small island bar on rollers to move about to create more workspace on holidays, for example. Store the island bar in a closet in another room when it's not in use. Don't try to build an island in such a narrow kitchen.

Step 3

Buy appliances that are proportionate to the kitchen. Install a refrigerator that is not overly large, plus a cook top, oven and dishwasher. Keep the color of the appliances in harmony with the cabinets versus using colors that will stand out. Use light colors that blend well to make any space seem bigger.

Step 4

Paint upper walls of the kitchen white or cream. Increase the size of a window on an exterior wall to add more light, if the window is small. Use heavy crown molding at the ceiling level to match the base cabinets. Emphasize the shape of the kitchen with wood trim or crown molding to make such a small kitchen seem well defined within the house. Keep upper walls free of shelving and art work to make the space look open, however.


Step 5

Install a light-colored flooring material. Use pale gray or pale gold porcelain ceramic tiles, for example. Make sure the flooring material matches wooden trim, cabinets or appliances in some manner. Use tile on the island bar to match the flooring as another option.