New Car Buying Tricks

Buying a new car is stressful for many people. They dread the idea of walking into a dealership, selecting a car and entering into high-pressure negotiations. The buying process doesn't have to be that way if you know the right strategies to use. Some simple new car buying tricks can take away a lot of the pressure and help you make sure that you're paying a fair price and getting the best vehicle for you.

When you go into a dealership for a test drive, it gives the salesperson a chance to put on the pressure. You may not have narrowed down the type of car you want yet, but most salespeople will try to convince you to buy the car you are trying without checking out other brands. It's easy to get drawn in by the new car smell and a vehicle full of bells and whistles. To avoid making a snap decision, don't test drive at the dealer. If you have friends with car models in which you are interested, ask if they will let you borrow the vehicle. Otherwise, rent your models of interest. This will allow you to drive them as long as you like under a variety of conditions, from the open highway to stop and go traffic. You can also try out the lights, temperature controls, radio and other accessories without someone singing their praises. The rental cost is a small investment to keep yourself from making an impulse decision and buying the wrong car.