Top 6 Apps for Used Car Buyers

The best tool for getting an incredible deal on a new used car is right at your fingertips: your smartphone. There are countless apps designed solely for car shopping, making it easier than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for in your new car and at your given price point. Make sure that you’re using the best apps for used cars out there!

Used car shoppers will be pleased to know that you can do most of the legwork online. Forget about heading to a used car lot or a local dealership; download a few apps, and you can start shopping without leaving home. Using one of the many auto shopping websites and apps, you can find the car that you’ve been looking for.

Know Where to Look

Before you get too far into the car search, you should shop for a loan and get pre-approved so that when you do find the right car, you’ll be ready to buy.

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Here are some of the best apps available for used car shopping:

  1. Used Car Search Pro – This is the app of all apps when it comes to your used car search. It will search more than 40,000 used car dealerships and private sellers for the right car at the right price.
    The app has 59 search filters offering a variety of parameters–make, model, color, mileage, and more–to match up against your preferences. You can even search for “driver height” to find a car with enough headroom.
  2. Autotrader – Just like the classic magazine, this site lets you search for used, certified pre-owned, and even new vehicles in your local area. Not sure or want another opinion?
    You can choose and save selections in your profile so you can decide later. You also get free vehicle history reports, price comparison tools, and reviews for the make, model, and year of the car that you’re looking for. See one you like? Instantly share your car searches with family members via text.
  3. CarMax – Access a nationwide inventory of more than 35,000 vehicles with the CarMax app. You can sign up for alerts that will notify you when prices drop so you never miss a deal.
    From your handy phone, you can compare as many as 10 vehicles at a time and calculate your monthly payments. They also provide free vehicle history reports and access to reviews from experts and consumers.
  4. TrueCar – Search out your car and get a breakdown on what others paid for the same or similar car.
    With an attractive design and intuitive interface, TrueCar ups the ante with a mobile price check feature that allows you to scan the window sticker of cars at participating dealerships. This feature sends your contact information and price quotes to their network of more than 11,000 TrueCar dealers, which means you’ll have more offers to choose from.
  5. Wyper – The first swipeable car buying app, Wyper lets you browse through personalized car search results as easily as Tinder lets you browse through potential dates.
    Just swipe through local listings that match your search parameters to find what you need. Browse multiple makes and models and get alerts when new vehicles go up for sale. Users have described the app as being fun and easy to use.
  6.  Vinny – By just scanning your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number, usually found on the metal plate under your windshield or printed in the driver’s side door), this app calculates the wholesale price of any used car.

It doesn’t even have to be a participant in any particular network, either. Prices are determined using the data supplied from national car auctions. You’ll need to adjust that price based on the condition and mileage of the vehicle.

These are some of our favorite apps for used car shopping, but do you have any others to add? Make the entire process easier by enlisting the assistance of these helpful apps, and find your next used car in less time.