What Credit Cards Let You Check Your FICO Score for Free?

Your FICO score is a snapshot of your financial history. Creditors and financial institutions use your credit score to determine credit limits, loan rates and interest fees. To stay on top of your credit, you should check your FICO score often. You can order a copy of your credit report and score online for a small fee. However, some credit card companies allow their customers to check their FICO score free every month.

According to the Wall Street Journal, customers of the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union can check their credit score free once a month. Pennsylvania State employees and family members can join the credit union. Other benefits of the credit union's Visa card include limits up to $20,000, free auto rental insurance coverage, free replacement cards, Visa payroll transfer, no fees for balance transfers and no annual fee, according to the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union. As of 2010, the credit union offered a 9.9% interest rate for their Visa credit card.