What Is an SR22 Form?

An SR22 form is the document produced by an insurance carrier to verify a driver is insured. It's usually only required for problem drivers, particularly those who've been cited for DUI or driving without insurance. The SR22 can be used to verify an adequate insurance policy, or the existence of an SR22 bond–a surety backed by a deposit with a qualified financial institution.

When a driver finally obtains insurance, an SR22 form is sent by the insurer upon request of the driver to the Secretary of State as proof of insurance. Pursuant to the law, the form is required to prevent suspension of a driver's license or to allow its reinstatement. The second purpose of an SR22 form is to protect other drivers. Even in no-fault states, victims of a serious car accident can have difficulty receiving compensation for serious injuries resulting in death or disfigurement if the responsible driver was uninsured. By helping to ensure that all drivers have insurance, the SR22 form helps victims of an accident receive compensation in a timely manner.